Technical Notice: If power is not properly connected to the relay pack or if the polarity of the battery connector is wrong, the relay pack will not be powered up and will not be able to communicate with the keypad. This will result in the keypad not fully turning on and the keypad numbers not illuminating. If you are having issues with your wireless switcher turning on, please check the polarity of the main power connector to the relay pack to insure that the battery connector into which you are plugging has the female side on the positive (red) wire and the male side pin connector on the negative (black) wire. Also, please make certain that BOTH clear battery insulator tabs have been removed from the keypad battery compartment.
  • Integrated RF/Bluetooth Control
  • Last Mode Memory: The system remembers which circuits were ON when Master Power is used to turn the entire system OFF. Then when the system is turned back ON using the Master Power button, all of the “Last Mode” circuits will also be turned back on.
  • Keypad action mount with t-nut for rail mounting.
  • Remote Lanyard and optional surface mount included.
  • Yak Power plug-and-play SAE termination.
  • Wirelessly controlled digital switching system with mounting feet and inline fused power wire.
  • Designed for 15 amps total current draw.
  • Mobile app control.
  • Optional keypad hardwire kit (sold separately)
  • Fully potted internally for maximum durability.
Yak Power 5 Circuit Wireless Digital Switching System

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