4 Styles now available for Gear Track or Hobie H Rail! Select which oone you want from the dropdown menu above. For the Grip Lift, Paddle Grip is NOT included.

• 2 Rod & Paddle Holder
• 2 Rod & Bump Board Holder
• 3 Rod Holder
• 4 Rod Holder
• 2 Rod and Grip Lift - Attach existing popular paddle grip to it. 

Already have the FlexRod™ Original? No worries. You can buy the upgrade kit for each of the 3 newer styles and just swap out the upper pieces.

The FlexRod™ Stager System is the perfect accessory for managing your rods, bump board or paddle on the water. 

  • Adjustable - The FlexRod™ can adjust inward or outward depending on your preference.

  • Multi-Functional 

  • Easy to Install - The FlexRod™ system includes knobs and T-nuts that installs onto your geartrack in seconds. 
YakGadget Flex Rod Stager System

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