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Engineered to elevate your fishing experience, the LeaderBoard offers an unparalleled combination of functionality and convenience. Its buoyant design ensures it floats effortlessly on water to help in the case it falls overboard and features a dedicated leash point that provides a secure attachment point to prevent accidental loss. For tournament anglers, it boasts built-in dual identifier holders, allowing you to seamlessly display your ID for catch, photo, release style tournaments. Integrated cull tabs further enhance your catch tracking capabilities, allowing you to quickly set a visual representation of the length of your recent catches. Lines and numbers were laid out as a collaborative effort with key tournament decision-makers to ensure an accurate and easy-to-read tournament experience. Our objective was to develop a fish measuring board from the ground up that maximizes convenience and usability for the consumer while improving tournament integrity by minimizing opportunities for intentional or accidental misrepresentation of the length of fish being measured.

Culling Tabs

One feature unique to the YakAttack LeaderBoard is the built-in culling system. Each board has a slot across the top edge with three (3) black culling tabs that slide along the increments on the measuring surface. Many kayak tournament anglers we spoke with throughout the development process who participate in catch, photo, release style tournaments mentioned spending considerable time referring back to the photos in their cell phones to the check lengths on their smallest or largest fish. This process could be more efficient for your time management on the water and could be better for a healthy, quick fish release. The culling tabs allow anglers to track their smaller fish quicker during a tournament and adjust as they progress. Are the culling tabs useful if you are not a tournament angler? Absolutely! Permanently mark your personal best across three species or your top three fish for the year.

Floatation and Security

The LeaderBoard comes with EVA foam inlayed on the board's underside, creating the necessary buoyancy for floatation. Ethylene Vinyl Acetate is a closed-cell structured foam that provides resistance to water and moisture, so it will hold up for many years in a wet environment. Also included in the design of the board is a built-in tether point for added security. Just because it floats does not mean it can't drift out of reach quickly in current or wind. Tether not included.

Oversized Design and Geometry

It’s no secret that the LeaderBoard looks different than the measuring devices that you are used to. While most boards are relatively flat, our designers focused on geometry to better accommodate the shape of the fish. On top of being wider overall, this shape cradles the fish to help achieve a more natural presentation of the fish for photography. The angled design of the measuring surface adds rigidity to the board, virtually eliminating flex and minimizes the potential of glare, allowing for more qualified catch photos.

Integrated Tournament ID Holder

The YakAttack LeaderBoard is equipped with an integrated dual flip-out ID holder designed around standard-sized CPR tournament ID cards of 3.75" x 2.25" used by top kayak fishing tournament trails such as Hobie BOS, Kayak Bass Fishing, and Bassmaster Kayak Series. This feature provides exceptional convenience and security, ensuring anglers can easily avoid losing or misplacing their tournament IDs. The holder securely accommodates up to two tournament identifiers, allowing anglers to display one or two IDs simultaneously. This is essential for anglers participating in multiple tournaments at the same time. It’s easy-to-operate flip-out design enables quick and effortless deployment and stowage. Anglers can now seamlessly transition between displaying their identifiers for catch photos and quickly stowing them away when finished. Furthermore, the included clear resealable sleeves provide additional protection from the elements. These sleeves keep identifiers pristine and legible, ensuring tournament judges have a clear view of the necessary information.

DoubleTake Visual Indicator

Tournament fishing demands precision and integrity. The DoubleTake Visual Indicator on the YakAttack LeaderBoard is a revolutionary tool that addresses both these concerns. This innovative feature eliminates the ambiguity of traditional measurement boards with its mirrored surface, doubling the gap between the fish's nose and the vertical fence. This ingenious design ensures that even the smallest gaps are impossible to miss, leaving no room for doubt or debate. Say goodbye to the frustration of accidentally submitting a picture where the fish isn't truly touching the fence. The DoubleTake Visual Indicator drastically reduces this risk, allowing you to focus on the excitement of the competition instead of worrying about potential disqualifications or deductions. This simple yet effective feature reflects YakAttack's commitment to fairness and accuracy, making the LeaderBoard the ultimate tool for serious tournament anglers seeking a level playing field.

Tournament Use and Approval

The YakAttack LeaderBoard is designed to meet and exceed the specs required by kayak fishing tournaments and has been officially approved by a growing number of tournament directors including KBF and Kayak Adventure Series. Our team is working closely with tournament directors across the country to ensure the YakAttack LeaderBoard is widely accepted with more catch, photo, release style tournaments. We will regularly update our list of approved tournaments as more organizations submit their final approval. Click HERE to view the tournament approval list.


  • 28” long measurable surface with ¼” increments
  • DoubleTake Visual Indicator
  • Made from marine-grade, UV-stabilized polymers
  • Built-in, flip-out, dual ID holder for tournaments
  • ID holders fit standard-sized tournament identifiers: 3.75" x 2.25"
  • Includes 2 clear resealable sleeves
  • Includes 16 round contact strips
  • Cull tabs to keep track of your catch length
  • Floats, if dropped in water
  • Growing list of tournament approvals, click HERE for the list
  • Tether point for attaching a leash
  • Board width and shape better accommodate larger fish
  • Overall board dimensions: 29.75” long x 6.4” wide
  • Board weight: 2.4 lbs.
  • Made in the USA
  • Covered by our Built for Life Guarantee
  • SKU: MCD-1001-OR
  • UPC: 819731016996
YakAttack Leader Board 28" w/ Built-In Identifier Holders and Cull Tabs

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