Silence isn't everything, it's the only thing when you're being stealthy in your kayak.

These custom-fit pads can help with that.

D'oh! The last thing you want to do after sneaking up on that trophy fish with your kayak is accidentally tap your spinning rod against the bow hood and watch your record catch take off like it was shot out of a cannon. Let's face it, being able to get to that honey hole undetected is why you opted for your kayak rather than a bass boat or skiff in the first place. Wilderness Systems offers their Silent Traction Pads in a set that's custom-cut for their Large Bow Hood Cover. Just place the self-adhering pads in their proper location and the chances of a noisy bump by your paddle, anchor pole, rod and reel, tools, tackle, even your source of hydration are greatly reduced. The odds for silent stalking will now be in your favor because you'll reduce the noise transmitted through the water from contact with your hull.

Key Features

  • Die-cut EVA foam is 1/8" (3 mil) thick to deaden sounds
  • Textured surface adds extra grip
  • 3M pressure-sensitive adhesive backing self-adheres
  • Mold, mildew and stain resistant to maintain freshness
  • Abrasion-resistant for durability
  • Non-absorbent so they won't get soggy and heavy
  • UV-resistant for protection from damaging sunlight
Wilderness Systems Silent Traction Pads - Large Bow Hood Cover

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