Ultra-Light with Aramid - 42lbs

Natural Aramid

Silver Aluminum Trim

Ultra-light hulls are stiff and incredibly light. They are ideal for speed and distance paddling and for all people or conditions that demand the lightest gear. In our Ultra-light construction a structural-foam core and ribs are laminated into the hull and sides. We also add extra fabric layers to strengthen specific targeted areas. Aluminum plates are strategically laminated into the hull. Seats, footbraces, and all hardware is then riveted into these plates. This gives a very secure connection and eliminates rivet heads on the exterior. Aramid, the fiber used for aerospace, body armor and bulletproof vests, is amazingly light and strong. We've used it for more than 30 years to construct extremely light and tough canoes. Wenonah Canoe is the worlds largest maker of canoes using Aramid.

The Minnesota II is in a class of its own--the most efficient, straight-tracking, tandem tripping canoe ever made. If you travel in Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Area or Canada's Quetico Park, you'll see a lot of these canoes. The Minnesota II is fast and seaworthy when loaded with gear, yet fun to paddle lightly loaded. This rocket of a canoe is a favorite of Wenonah staff for after work paddles on the Mississippi. Its long waterline rewards skilled paddlers with unmatched glide and speed and it's straight tracking hull is easy to keep pointed toward your destination. If you're looking for a canoe that is an absolute joy to paddle on flatwater but is capable of tackling an ambitious wilderness expedition, the Minnesota II is the right choice. The Minnesota II--the canoe that revolutionized portaging and long-distance paddling in the Boundary Waters and beyond.

Efficiency 10.00
Maneuverability 6.50
Capacity 9.00
Stability 8.50
Seaworthy 8.50
Length 18' 6" - (563.88cm)
Gunwale Width 33.5" - (85.09cm)
Maximum Width 35" - (88.9cm)
Waterline Width 33.5" - (85.09cm)
Stern Depth 17" - (43.18cm)
Center Depth 13.5" - (34.29cm)
Bow Depth 20.5" - (52.07cm)
Rocker 0" - (0cm)
Wenonah Minnesota II Ultra-Light - 2024

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