There are plenty of reasons to fish with MotorGuide's Xi3. Its lightweight design and SecureStep system make it simple to stow and deploy the motor, even from a seated position. Along with its nearly silent operation and wireless remote, it’s the perfect addition to any kayak.

Wireless Control: control in the palm of your hand.

Intuitive remote-control steering is ready for use right out of the box. Also compatible with optional wireless foot pedal.

Easy Stow and Deploying: a large SecureStep lever allows fishermen to quickly and easily stow and deploy, saving you time and energy as you bounce from spot to spot.

Pinpoint GPS: focus on fishing while Pinpoint® GPS technology wirelessly Jogs, Anchors, Replays Routes and more.

LED Dashboard: easily monitor functions – even in bright conditions – with four LED notifications showing Power, Propeller Activity, Pinpoint® GPS status and Battery Life.

Additional Features:

  • Digital Power Management for up to 5x longer battery life 
  • 50% easier to stow and deploy than the competition 
  • 40% quieter than competitors 
  • Total control available with major sonar brand display
Compatible with the following kayak models and more:
  • Nucanoe - Unlimited
  • Nucanoe - Frontier 12
  • Nucanoe - Pursuit
  • Nucanoe - F10
  • Hobie - Pro Angler 17T
  • Bonafide - SS127
  • Jackson - Big Rig
  • Bluesky Boatworks - 360 Angler
  • Bluesky Boatworks - 360 Pro

Boat TypeKayakControl MethodHandGPSCOMPATIBLEMax Thrust55 LBProduct TypeBow MountShaft Length36"SteeringElectric SteerVolts12Water TypeFreshwater

Motorguide Xi3 Freshwater 55lb 36" No GPS

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