Feelfree Kingfisher seat is the perfect seat for fishermen and everyone planning to stay on kayak for hours. The seat grants its owner extreme comfort. There is a skeleton in its construction which prevents the seat from collapsing and ensures long lasting comfort. The seat is padded with special padding. The front is deeper and the back is lower for better leg support. The seat also has an additional cushion for your lower back.

The Feelfree Kingfisher seat can be easily clipped on your kayak with four attaching belts. Two are in front of the seat and two in the back. They can be adjusted to fit perfectly.

The seat fits on Feelfree kayaks (Nomad, Gemini, Moken...) but it will also fit other sit-on-top kayaks that have front and back points for attaching the seat.

Because of the extreme comfort it offers, Kingfisher is best choice for everyone that loves to go fish on water for hours!

- wide supportive black panel
- seat pad shaped for best leg support
- lumbar cushion
- internal skeleton
- 4 attaching points
Feelfree Kingfisher Seat

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