• SUPERIOR DESIGN: The electroVolt Li-ion LiFePO4 Battery Charger was specially crafted to recharge and maintain the cells of LiFePO4 lithium ion batteries. Additionally, these jumper cables are fitted with alligator clips, which allows you to effortlessly create an electrical connection between the battery component and the terminal
  • UP TO 6A OF CHARGE CURRENT AVAILABLE: Featuring a voltage of 25.6V and a current of 25A, you can always rely on this battery in a pinch. Note: do not use charger(s) with non-BMS protected batteries, as batteries used with this charger require cell over-voltage restrictions.
  • FULLY AUTOMATIC: Measuring 269mm x 135mm x 69mm and weighing in at 5.5 lbs, you can conveniently travel with this jump starter. Never again will you need to worry about any mishaps or setbacks while driving or traveling.
  • HIGH VOLTAGE/OVER CHARGE PROTECTION: If the pre-defined upper voltage threshold is exceeded during operation, a standby protection state is entered as indicated by a flashing LED light on the side of the charger. This protection will prevent potential damage to the charger and battery, ensuring the Li-ion Battery Charger stays in your roadside car kit for years to come.
  • SAFE TO USE: You can securely use this car charger and be shielded from injury through spark-free operation and reverse polarity protection. The Battery Electrical Safety feature works through exceptionally clean voltage and current delivery with no surges or spikes.

Input: 110VAC

Voltage: 12.8V

Current: 6A

Electro Volt eVC12-6 Charger

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