Standing support for Kayaks! The adjustable H-Bar will integrate with all H-Rail accessories for easy customization. It folds up when you need it and away when you don’t. The aluminum extrusion is strong and lightweight for leaning against or holding on to while entering/exiting the boat or pulling yourself up from a seated to a standing position. The Outback Universal kit is fully adjustable to fit a wide variety of kayaks. The PA17 requires an adapter kit (extra set of H-Rail clamps and a longer center bar) when used in the middle and aft seat positions.

• Lean against to stabilize

• Pull yourself up from a seated position

• Grab ahold to assist when entering the kayak

• Variable height settings

• Folds out of the way

Part # 84500120

Hobie Adjustable H-Bar Outback 2019+

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