The rudder kit for the SS Series of Bonafide Kayaks (SS107 and SS127) features the new YakAttack SwingBlade Rudder and includes every component and part needed for adding a rudder to your Bonafide Kayak.

Designed to be quiet and ergonomic, this rudder kit adds even more fishability to your SS107 or SS127. It utilizes the stock Double Acting™ Foot Braces featured on the Bonafide SS Series and offers hands-free steering capabilities, as well as to help with tracking. The SteeringReel provides added on-the-fly adjustability for going from the low to high seat position. Designed to be ergonomic, the retractable lift/lower handles install on either side of the seat, allowing you to quickly deploy or stow your rudder. The super wide blade provides added surface area to make the rudder incredibly responsive, while the vents above the waterline reduce wind drag.

Each of the components are 100% custom designed and made to maximize the performance of your SS07 or SS127.

Increases paddling efficiency and performance.
Adjustable tension at the foot braces "on the fly".
Low drag pulley for smooth deployment.
Rubber bumpers to reduce noise during deployment.
Tight turning radius for maximum performance.
Rudder lock with hook tether to aid in transport.
Includes all necessary components.
Made in the USA.
Bonafide SS Rudder Kit

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