Moving back from the bow, we have included our Boss Strap rod and paddle stager. Grooves in the Boss Strap allow rod tips to be easily organized and it is elevated off the deck enough to slide a paddle blade right underneath for quick storage. Just below the boss strap you will find an access plate to get into the hull of the boat for rigging purposes including lights, wiring, mounting. There is another plate on the stern for the same reason.

Triple Action Bow Strap


One feature that is unique to the RVR119 is our brand new Triple Action Bow Strap, this strap is totally unique in kayak fishing and allows you to do three key things: 1. You can use the strap to help pull the kayak, 2. You can use the strap to tie down dry bags and boxes quickly and easily, 3. It can be used to organize and transport your fishing rods to and from the water.

An extremely stable  (realtively dry) deck


The deck of the RVR is designed specifically to drain water effectively and efficiently. The deck is sloped back to scupper holes. The key here is to get water off the deck as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of water weight causing the kayak to become unstable. The deck also features ample groove tracks for mounting gear and traction pads for comfortable standing.

Built to compete


In fact we have included a dedicated slot for a 26” Ketch Measuring board to rest right in front of the paddler. The Ketch Board slots in the kayak are angled down slightly so the fish's nose quickly finds its way to the end of the measuring board. The slots also allow the board to be raised off the deck so your feet can remain underneath the board itself.

Dry Valuables and Room to Grow


The popular Bonafide Dry Pod has been integrated into the RVR. The Dry Pod is removable and can house a full fish finder system. Simply attach your graph to the top of the pod, batter within and transducer below and you are ready to go. This also allows you to take the pod out for safety if you leave your kayak on a trailer. If you own another Bonafide Kayak and have your Dry Pod rigged with a fish finder/transducer, it will fit perfectly here too.

Flexibiltiy & Comfort


For your feet, we have incorporated our SS foot braces which are aluminum and can lock or unlock to get you the perfect positioning. If you decide to add a stern mounted motor, simply use our Steering Kit accessory on the dual action foot braces to allow for foot turning control.

We mean EXTREME Flexibility


On the gunnel of the kayak, we have strategically placed inserts for quick mount of the YakAttack RotoGrip or LockNLoad Track Base. The LockNLoad base opens up a wide range of mounts that makes this area extremely customizable.

Just behind the stern tank well area you will see four pad eyes (two per side) on the stern gunnel for additional bungee attachment points for those extended or overnight trips down the river.

On the very back of the deck you will find inserts for attaching our RVR Stern Mounting Plate for easily attaching a stern electric motor over the anchor system.

And EXTREME Comfort


Moving back to the seat. The seat is hand-sewn right at our factory in North Carolina, USA and is extremely comfortable. The seat is adjustable forward or aft 4 inches so you can trim out the RVR specifically to the paddlers size. There is plenty of storage space underneath the seat as well and grooved slots in the kayak for rod butts to rest for transport or for stowing away in rapids (in conjunction with the Triple Action Bow Strap). Just to the right of the seat on the kayak sidewall is the skeg control handle. You can simply turn the handle back and forth to engage or disengage the skeg. The skeg system will automatically retract when going over rocks or trees in the water with the integrated spring system.

seriously, extreme flexibility


Directly behind the seat, there is a motor battery mounting area with multiple ways to secure it to the deck of the kayak. On both sides of this storage area are groove tracks for accessories or the Bonafide Sidekick Wheel System.

The RVR stern deck was built around the YakAttack BlackPak Pro system, every size (13” x 13”, 13” x 16” and 16” x 16”) will fit just right. The bungee includes OmniHooks to attach the BlackPak easily to the RVR.

LENGTH: 11' 9”/358.1 CM

WIDTH: 35” / 88.9 CM


CAPACITY: 425 LBS / 192.77 KG

Bonafide RVR 119

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