$95.00 $119.00

There are a variety of benefits to using our Seat Risers:

  1.  By increasing the height of your seat you will drastically improve the angle at which you are pedaling, thus saving you energy and allowing you to peddle faster and further on every trip you make out on the open water.
  2. These Seat Risers are able to raise your seat without affecting your overall vessel stability. A higher seat means more storage space underneath for you to ensure all your tools and supplies are easy to reach while keeping your kayak tidy and clutter free.
  3. A raised fishing position will give you a better handle of your rod while also ensuring you can stand and sit with ease.
  4. Sitting higher on your kayak will improve your field of vision over the water. This will allow you to keep an eye on what your mates are catching; see whether there are any other vessels nearby; and enable you to soak in those spectacular ocean views.
  5. Reduce back strain – a more comfortable kayak means you’ll ultimately spend longer on the water!
  6. These are designed to fit a range of Native Watercraft Kayaks, such as: Slayer 10/13

 This is a set of 4 parts to raise the seat on your Native Watercraft by 2 inches. You just need to remove the locking screws from your old seat and slot the new ones on the ends of the seat frame. Please refer to our blog post for more information (click here).

These will fit the following kayaks with the aluminum seat base.

  • Slayer Propel 10
  • Slayer Propel 13
  • Slayer Propel Max 10
  • Slayer Propel Max 12.5 (2022+)
  • Slayer Propel LT
  • Manta Ray Propel Kayaks with the aluminum seat base.

These will also fit Pedalfish 10, Revolve 10 kayaks

These are CNC machined from solid plastic and are made here in Australia.

BerleyPro Native Slayer / Manta Seat Riser
$95.00 $119.00

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