The Sabertooth can be rowed with a small frame or paddled with an R2-R4 team. It's fun, easy to paddle, tracks well, but can turn on a dime! The rockered tubes flow over waves, climb out of holes, and can help stick a landing over steep drops. The floor is durable Superman mesh for instant draining and won't scoop in water. A sleeve of foam zipped into a pocket on the floor provides knee protection for those who prefer to paddle with one knee down and the other over the thwart. The floor has two foot cups in the stern to help keep paddlers locked into place. D-ring handles installed in the bow and stern make the Sabertooth easy for two people to carry. The Sabertooth now comes standard with one thwart that adjusts in the cockpit for the best fit. Built in cross tubes and the AIREcell system add rigidity so that the boat won't bend or "taco" in big water. The Sabertooth is a whitewater animal! It turns your local river into a playground, eats up technical tributaries, and is a blast in high volume water.

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Lime
  • Dark Green
  • BlueWhite
  • Gray
  • Teal
  • Stability 3 stars
    Maneuverability 5 stars
    Gear Capacity 1 star
    Paddling 5 stars
    Rowing 4 stars
    Length 12' 10"
    Width 5' 8.5"
    Weight 74 lbs.
    Tube Diameter 20.5"
    Bow Rise 29"
    Stern Rise 29"
    2" Waterline 93"
    Interior Width (center) 27.5"
    Interior Depth (center) 11.5"
    Valve Type Leafield
    Base Fabric Denier 1670
    Material Weight, Oz. per Sq. Yard 37 oz.
    AIREcell Material Urethane
    Number of Chambers 5
    Number of Handles 4
    Number of D-Rings 10
    Number of Foot Cups 2
    Warranty AIRE 10 Year No Fault Warranty
Aire Sabertooth

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