XL Rudder Upgrade for Passport 10.5 & 12.0

 Hobie’s XL Rudder upgrade for Mirage Passport kayaks is in inventory, and shipping now.

 This upgraded rudder gives users up/down control from the seat, and boosts maneuverability and lateral stability. When turning in tight quarters, or sailing the Passport 10.5 or 12.0, this rudder has more authority than the stock rudder. Not only does the larger blade improve performance, it also allows the user to stow the rudder when going extremely shallow. The up/down control feature is particularly useful in launching and landing situations, or when clearing debris from the rudder blade.


 Rudder up/down control from the seat allows for clearing debris and easy stowage or deployment of the rudder.

Improved maneuverability at low speeds provides better boat handling in tight quarters.

Increased surface area provides more lateral stability when sailing

Improved tracking over long distances means less manipulating the steering handle when covering water.


Hobie XL Rudder Kit Passport 10 and 12

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