$249.00 $349.00
The Rocker Fullface is a high-tech carbon fiber reinforced full-coverage helmet offering
the most extensive protection available in any whitewater helmet.

Consider the Sweet Protection Rocker Fullface Helmet if you regularly charge waterfalls and rapids that would make sky divers and stuntmen nervous. This is Sweet Protection's most protective helmet, and it's ready to take on the biggest challenges the river has to offer.

Sweet Protection used a unique combination of thermoplastic and carbon fiber to make the shell softer at the crown and more rigid toward the sides. Coupled with the high-impact, low-weight EPP foam inside, this combination of material allows for the most versatile impact protection from big, low-speed hits and small, high-speed bonks. CoolMax material on the lining wicks moisture and dries rapidly to help you stay cool in tropical temps.

Occigrip construction makes the helmet easily adjustable to provide a secure, yet comfortable fit that won't shift when you get tumbled in turbulent waters. Fit pads can be moved around to create a custom fit that's perfect for your dome. The adjustable, shatter-resistant visor keeps the sun out of your eyes when you're paddling under the blinding desert sky. All in all, you get a lid that fits like a glove, drains quickly, adjusts in mere moments, and, most importantly, keeps your skull in tact when things don't go as planned.

Sweet Protection Rocker Full Face Closeout - White M/L
$249.00 $349.00

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