For those who want a kayak specifically designed for fishing, the 360° Angler doesn't compromise space, comfort, accessories, storage, stealth and the ability to get to those skinny/shallow waters the big boats can't. The 360 Angler features the stability of a bass boat with the convenience of a kayak. The Angler has gear tracks for rod mounts, comes with rod holders, has hull storage for rods and tackle boxes and much more.

    New for 2021: more robust steering cable bracket, new steering arm bracket and improved rudder (all aluminum with better actuation).

    Owner's Manual: Blue Sky Boatworks Owners Manual 1.29.20

    Length: 13'4"

    Weight: 140 w/o seat & drive, 170 w/seat & drive

    Width: 48"

    Capacity: 500 lbs

    About The Flex Drive

    Jackson Kayak has designed a patent-pending prop-driven pedal system which allows for hands-free forward and reverse propulsion for kayaks. Named the Flex Drive, it consists of a daggerboard-protected two prop propeller which, combined with unique articulation gives the Flex Drive increased performance over other drives and helps keep the system clear of obstacles and easy to clean. Jackson Kayak’s Flex Drive System can quickly adapt from deep to shallow water navigation without having to move the main pedal drive unit.

    The Flex Drive is easily deployed with the flip of a lever, has adjustable pitch prop blades and a 12:1 ratio. Our Flex Drive E is a simple, motor-driven solution for those days out scouting on the water...or just when you simply don't feel like pedaling to get to your destination.

    2021 Jackson 360 Angler - CALL FOR SHIPPING RATE

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